Rev Darrick Lyons


Darrick has down-home-Missouri roots and a love for "his kind of people" that embody authenticity and the frankness he appreciates. After graduating from a small town in Iowa, he moved to Minneapolis to attend North Central University. It was during this time at NCU that he not only earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, but also actualized part of what he was designed to do: become a pastor. At the ripe age of 19, Darrick's name grew to include reverend. It was also during his time at NCU that he was blessed to be on the Psychology Department's mission trip to China. The impact was profound, and the depth of relationships he experienced was unlike anything he had found stateside. After college, Darrick juggled a packed schedule. In spite of everything, none of the opportunities at work or church felt like the right fit and each caused him to wonder if he was off-track and left him desiring more. His conquest continued as he pursued his passions through diverse avenues such as drumming, creating different forms of art, studying people, challenging the world of physical fitness, and pushing his limits to see what he was capable of by completing two 24 hour races and even a 100 mile race.

When your name means "leader of the people," it's best done by example. His unparalleled work ethic won't let him quit and won't let him settle. He is compelled to forge his own path while motivating others to discover and hone their gifts as they blaze new trails. Embedded in his core is the understanding that knowing people is equally as important as knowing God (Mark 12:30-31). This belief has paved the way for Morpheme Kinetic. Starting MK allowed Darrick to embrace the talents he had been given, while encouraging others to develop their passions as well, which in turn creates maximum synergy and impact for the world around us. Darrick has had the honor of leading teams from the U.S. to join alongside brothers and sisters in Nicaragua and Guatemala. You'll find down-home authenticity and a genuine love for people with the MK crew, and if your interest has been piqued, please give a shout! darrick@morphemekinetic.org

Chad2 (2).jpg

Chad Vice President

Chad's passion for missions goes back to his first trip in 2001. A team from his home church took an exploratory trip to Nicaragua, and that experience moved him in a way that changed his life. The camaraderie of a common Christian belief across languages, countries, and purpose of vision was inspiring. It changed his perspective on what the church could and should be.

Chad currently works as a Big Data Architect and has traveled an interesting road to get to this place. From theology degrees to small church pastor and then into the corporate world of data, life and faith had a way of taking him on a journey that was unexpected. His advice to those thinking about giving or joining on a future trip is, "Take a step of faith and see what happens. As you head down this path, you will experience a life more rewarding and adventurous than you could ever imagine. Amazing things happen when you get out of your comfort zone."


Carlene Secretary

As a small-town girl from Wisconsin, Carlene moved to Minneapolis to pursue an education degree. She knew that she believed in education and that teaching was part of her future; but it wasn't until she earned her Masters that she started teaching in a K-12 setting. When she is not planning lessons, teaching middle schoolers and adults, or grading papers, Carlene can be found at home with her attractive husband, Darrick. After years of marriage, they still have that newlywed spark. She can be a bit zany at times and her family is sometimes left to ponder her unconventional workings (e.g. did those candies really need to be separated by color?) Nevertheless, Carlene is a level-headed, compassionate, and patient woman who believes in God, the Oxford comma, the ability for love to change lives, and in the power of education. She has been compared to a cool drink on a hot summer day, both comforting and good for the soul.

Carlene has been involved with Morpheme Kinetic from the start. She and Darrick collaborate as a dynamic duo and have had many conversations over the course of years about what they wanted to do with their lives, and when MK began, those dreams started taking form. She is grateful for a husband who has vision, and she looks forward to what the Lord will do through MK, and to the many lives that have already been, and will be, impacted.


Ruthanne Treasurer

Tough on the outside, tender on the inside, Ruthanne is a mixture of no-nonsense business and a soft heart for missions. As a child, she was raised in a military household that took her all over the world and she later lived on the mission field in Russia right after communism fell. That mixture of upbringing gave her an understanding of cultural differences that few have had the opportunity to navigate. Although she typically approaches decisions based on logic and sustainability, her heart is driven for missions. She received her BA in Business Administration and minor in Biblical Studies from North Central University and received her MBA from Hamline University. The perfect drink to succinctly describe Ruthanne's personality is strong, black coffee: a delicate balance of bitterness and smooth.

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Laurie Board Member

Laurie has always wanted to help those in need, she just hasn't always really known how to go about it. It was through her own journey of tough times that she realized God is bigger than our problems; He is right there with us, if only we put our faith and trust in Him. Laurie and her husband Chad were inspired by the hearts for missions and the love for people in their home church in South Dakota. Laurie went on her first trip to Nicaragua in 2002. It was an eye-opening experience that she will never forget. While she knew that she wanted to be more involved in missions, it wasn't until 2017 that she went on another trip to Guatemala. This renewed her desire to help those in need and bring hope to the brokenhearted. Sometimes people just need a bit of encouragement and someone to show them that they matter. God has called us to bring His message of hope to the nations.


Mandy Creative Team

What do you get when you mix inextinguishable optimism, a love for adventures, contagious compassion, and a hearty dose of moxie? Mandy! A morning aficionado at heart, she enjoys all things breakfast (especially quality coffee sipped from a favorite mug) and the fresh possibilities at the start of each day. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in International Development that blends her crave for travel, the deep-rooted desire to improve the quality of life for others, and the inspiration to embrace the beauty of cultures across the globe. If there are kiddos around, you can bet Mandy is in the middle of a game with them because they're where her greatest passions lie. Her heart is to show everyone their created value and that they're worthy of love. When the team was asked what kind of drink best describes Mandy, her favorite answer was a Pop Rocks slushie because it encapsulates her spunky spirit and expresses her purpose to leave you feeling fizzy!

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Aleesha Creative Team

Like you, Aleesha is fascinated by vibrant and diverse cultures. Known as an incredibly thoughtful and truly creative individual, she honors the communities she visits not by asking what can we do differently, but how can we help them manifest their dreams? How can we help them become champions for their families and advocates for their communities? She recognizes that sometimes it starts by covering basic needs, like nutrition, so that through fellowship, the greater aspects are made possible. From humble beginnings in the Midwest, Aleesha went to college for Elementary Education but ultimately opted for a nanny position which led to many different life experiences. Her love for education is expressed through homeschooling her children, while also working a finance role in manufacturing. Aleesha adds, "It is my privilege to be a part of the Morpheme Kinetic team. Their sincere hearts for service and zeal for crushing challenges made my decision to support their cause a no-brainer."